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Technology Licensing Landscape

Let us deliver to you more licensing and distribution candidates that have a proven interest in your technology

Lead Generation for Technology Licensing and distribution

FutureWaves Process is:


1. Expand YOUR LIST OF Contacts

Expand your current contact list into the market you wish to enter by at least 100 licensees and distributors in your technology space.

2. Generate COntent

Clarify the problem your product solves.

Generate high quality video content to support 2 or more different product information packages.

3. Distribute COntent and Analyse Interest

Propagate product information packages to the contact list and use analytics to measure 1) interest and 2) comparative interest.


Provide the client with a select group of contacts that have been pre-qualified in terms of favourable response to one the distribution packages

The benefits of our Technology Licensing program are:

  • Demonstrates your technology to a greater set of buyers.

  • Reduces the stress of cold-calling.

  • Government grant programs may be available to part fund some aspects of the Technology Buyers Landscape service.

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Market RESPONSE Landscape

Don’t Guess - Know why and under what circumstances users will buy your product

Use data to illuminate the best commercialisation pathway for your technology

FutureWaves Process is:



Identify high traffic terms used by the i) the consumer and ii) competitors

2. generate promotional content

Generate high-quality video content to support 2 or more promotional approaches for A-B or A-Z testing

3. Compare Promotional material in test market

Compare user response to promotional material in a test market region


A preferred sales demographic and product feasibility information will emerge from the data.

5. Recommend Grants

Government grant programs may be available to part fund some aspects of the User Response Landscape service.

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Let us find free-to-use IP that adds value to a core technology

Intellectual Property Review Services

FutureWaves Process is:



Review IP that is currently held by the client

2. Find RElated IP

Scan specialist data-bases to find related IP

3. Identify Similar Tech available for use in AUstralia

Identify related IP that is not patented in Australia

4. Enhance your Technology Package

Report on free and relevant IP that enhances your technology package

5. Recommend Grants

Government grant programs may be available to part fund some aspects of the IP Landscape service.