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Sustained Lead Generation for Australian Technology Companies

  • Spend your time on high quality leads

  • Get your technology in front of 1000’s of relevant decision makers

  • Customised campaigns Designed to sustain interest

  • Boost your valuation




Campaign Example (3 Months)

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Customised Campaigns

Month 1

Video Content Development

  • In-depth consultation with stakeholders

  • Target audience is determined e.g.

    • Venture capital and angel investors

    • Decision makers for OS licensing

    • Business decision makers

  • Creation of minimum three high quality video messages to engage decision makers whilst showcasing your company’s technology. You can answer:

    • What is the value proposition for the technology?

    • What are your company’s strategic connections? (Showcase your network and your technology’s contributors)

    • How and who will your technology help? (show the size of your technology’s potential market and the effect it will have on them)

    • Testimonials.

    • Interviews with CEO, inventors and early adopters.

  • Distribution platforms are determined.

Month 1 - $5,000


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Streamlined Export development

Month 2

Custom E-mail List and contact infrastructure building

  • Proprietary data extraction is conducted to increase the size of your current e-mail contacts by 20x - 100x.

  • Custom e-mail database is created and partitioned.

  • Analytics are installed across necessary devices.

  • Custom contact pages are created.

  • Audience targeting is defined on necessary platforms.

    Month 2 - $4000


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Spend your time on high quality leads


Distribution of VIDEO and REporting of Qualified Leads

Video messages are distributed to hundreds of decision makers relative to your technology’s requirements.

Analysis of campaign performance is ongoing.

Depending on the platform that videos are distributed you will know:

  • Which messages were the most important to your audience.

  • Which companies engaged with your message (often including the job title of the viewing party).

Pre-qualified leads will be delivered throughout the month.

A report will be created and presented at the end of the month.

Month 3 -$4000



For programs that are focused on lead generation outside of Australia, such as overseas licensing or overseas funding, there are government grants available that can significantly reduce costs.

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