High Quality Lead Generation for Australian technology Companies


About FutureWaves

FutureWaves is a consultancy providing services to technology companies that are taking their product from the R&D phase into the early stages of product commercialisation.

Understand the landscape of the market your product will enter before you enter.

Use data to gain clarity on what it will take to have your technology enter a market; what licensees and technology buyers think about your product and how end users will engage with and purchase your product.


Early Stage Licensing & Distribution

Let us take the first steps of overseas licensing for you. Find out what hundreds of potential overseas licensees think about your product.

Expand you current contact database in the market you wish to enter.


Test your current technology or product-in-development on real world consumers and use data to determine key commercialisation decisions such as sales area, reason for purchase and preferred consumer language.


Find free-to-use IP that can enhance your technology package

Market Entry Guidance

Do you know if you have the freedom to manufacture in your preferred overseas market?

What products already exist in the market you are about to enter?


Technology Landscape Services

FutureWaves offer services that can help solve numerous early stage market entry problems for technology companies. Early stage marketing decisions can be informed through the use data.

It is possible to know:

How can i find more people to buy or license my technology?

Can I boost the value of my technology prior to sale?

Where can I find free and relevant IP that enhances my technology package?

Can I get hard information on what customers will think about my products-in-development?

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Market Entry Pathway

Discover the proper regulatory pathway for your technology in local and international markets

Know the target market, size and segmentation for your product in local and international markets you wish to enter, before you enter them

Find out if you have the freedom to manufacture in your technology in the markets of choice

Discover similar technologies that may exist in markets you wish to enter

Learn about tariffs your technology will incur in specific markets